Sunday, January 8, 2012


Well, here I am...Ready to start this new journey in life we call a blog. My name is Shelley, and this is my blog chronicling everything that is me! This is going to be my way of journaling everything I want to hold myself accountable for. Things like working out, eating healthier (not always), house cleaning/organizing, reading my Bible, and any other of the many hats I wear. You see, I wanted to start this year off full speed ahead. I need to start taking care of not only my body, but my soul (and my house). I will try my best to break this into different categories...such as "Journey in the Life of a...Believer, Blogger, Housewife, TAMer (to those of you who don't know what this means I will explain), and so on....

Let's start with TAMer....TAM stands for Tracy Anderson Method. If you've never heard of her or her workouts then you should look her up. She's amazing. For the past two Christmases I asked for her workout DVD's. (Santa is good to me) Last year, I looked at my DVD's on the shelf, and only did them a handful of times. In the meantime, Tracy came out with her Metamorphosis program which appealed to me much more than the previous DVD's I had. So this Christmas, I received Meta Omni. (all over body problem areas)....I am determined to stay on track...and so far so good. Today I start Day 5.... HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE PEOPLE!!

Also, for Christmas I received a Nook COLOR...LOVE IT!! I've always wanted to read the Bible in its entirety...but never came through with it. I'm determined this year. One of the first books I bought was the Bible on my Nook. Not just any Bible...I bought one that breaks it into sections to read a little everyday. This is what I got. I have this same Bible in hard copy on my shelf, it's the King James Version....I just don't understand it!! I know some people believe that you should only read that version because it's the true version blah blah blah....Well if I want a closer relationship with God and am committing myself to reading the Bible...Don't you think it shouldn't matter what version I read, as long as I'm actually doing it??? I need to be able to understand the Bible, not just read words.....That's why I got the New Living Translation (NLT)....and guess what?? I'm up to date and ready to read Day 8....and actually understand what I'm reading. I usually wake up brew my coffee, turn on my Nook, and read that days excerpt...that way the house is quiet, and nothing can come between this time I'm spending with the Lord.

I'll also be sharing my cleaning, organizing, cooking, and and other adventures on here as they come. This will be a fun journey for me, and I hope you will follow along with me..... I know I can be cheesy at can go ahead and laugh at me. It won't hurt my feelings..I laugh at myself all the time. Cheesy is my middle name as my fiance says.....(more on him at a later date)

This is me...

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