Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Keeping house is a never ending job. I get VERY lazy sometimes, and my house suffers in the meantime. My house is in no way ANYTHING like you see on some popular TV shows (ah hmm...Hoarders), in fact, most people that come to my house think it's rather clean and organized. Well, none of them have ever opened any of the closets in this house. On the surface everything is neat and tidy, but behind closed doors...WHOA LOOK OUT!! This is where I put things that have no place in my house and I don't know what to do with them. Why do I even keep the stuff then?? That's what I ask myself every time I open one of these doors (or look under the beds).

I'm going to start (er...restart) a program to help keep me organized and help me get rid of all this clutter. I'm going to do things the FlyLady way. If you've never heard of it..check it out!. Today, I started my baby steps from the beginning--- again. The first baby step is to "Shine Your Sink" is a lesson on how to do so. Keeping your kitchen sink really does make you stay focused on keeping the rest of your house in order! I swear it. Even though I haven't consistently stuck with the FlyLady, I usually always keep my sink empty, and shine it every few months. I think this is why strangers in my home thing every looks great (on the surface). But, I'm starting from scratch this time, and doing it right...(I usually skip ahead baby steps) I'm going to be patient with myself and take my time to create habits and routines. My life needs this right now...because right now I just fly by the seat of my pants, and that gets me no where but with overflowing closets!

Now, my closets are not the only thing crazy in my life. I feel like I just wander about life. My life needs order, this FlyLady system will help me keep groceries on my fridge, keep me focused on my workouts, and hopefully keep me from looking like a BUM in public. Sweatpants and T-shirts are my uniform, and I have a closet overflowing with beautiful clothes that get neglected.

So, here we go (feel free to join along with me):


Note: Let's keep this sink shiny. Please dry it out after using.


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