Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I've always dreamt of my house to look like something out of a magazine.  You know the one's with the little old lady's talking about their garden, how they love it, and that's their joy in life.  This will be me one day! (Except I'm not an old lady)  Gotta start early in hopes to be half of what they are one day--or have half of what they have.  Then, I will be a happy soul.  I really do enjoy getting my hands in the dirt, and planting things in my yard.  I just feel I have no clue what the heck I'm doing.  How do people "just know" this stuff??  Well, I like to believe they get the help from QVC. (I'll have to explain my addiction to this channel at a later date)

Our ritual at bedtime, is to turn the TV on to QVC! WARNING: THIS IS A DANGEROUS HABIT TO FORM!!  I instantly think that I absolutely MUST HAVE whatever they are showing at the time (with the exception of jewelry and clothes).  I guess you could call this an addiction.  This addiction has given us many THINGS, which I love, and many things, in which I don't remember.  Anywho, I love it.  It goes along with my dreams of being "that" little old lady.  Last night, they had a whole segment on gardening from Cottage Farms.  They showed plants and pretties I had never seen before, and I couldn't resist.  Scott saw my eyes twinkle and knew I wanted all of it, so he told me to pick 2 things. (He is my rock, and keeps me grounded and out of LaLa Land)  How was a girl to pick just 2? By reading reviews,  I say!  I cannot emphasis enough, when ordering things online, always, always, always, check the reviews on products.  Read them thoroughly, and then decide if you still want/need it.    I did this, and finally settled on 2 things.  I convinced myself that one of the plants, which had the mediocre reviews, was because people didn't plant them according to their zone, or didn't follow the instructions; so I took the chance. (I couldn't pass up the awesome deal)  They were 6 plants of Pink (yes, I said pink ornamental grass).  Who has ever heard or seen such a thing? Not me, until last night, and well I just couldn't help myself!

Source: via Shelley on Pinterest

In addition, I bought wave-petunias...I get these every year from a common household retailer, and so I figured why not have them sent to my front door??  

Source: via Shelley on Pinterest
Just Lovely!

Hopefully my green thumb decides to be with me this year.  I cannot wait until spring (these are arriving in April)!  I will post pictures once they get established!!

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  1. i'd love to start getting my hands in the dirt more often's so hard though to balance so many things in your day!! Can't wait to see what you plant in the spring! :)