Sunday, January 8, 2012


Source: via Rachel on Pinterest
Tracy Anderson Method. I'm starting this year off on the right foot. Santa brought me her Metamorphosis program (I've been oogling it for the past year). You might have seen her on QVC or informercials--like I said I'm cheesy. Tracy's method, however, is far from it. I've been doing her previous DVDs on and off (mostly off) for the past year. This year, I'm getting serious with Meta Omni (Targets all over body problem areas). Her method consists of Mat work for 30 minutes and Dance Cardio for 30 minutes. Now, there are alternatives to Dance Cardio. Many prefer "treadmill dancing" and rebounding.
So, I'm supposed to workout 6 days a week, for an hour a day. (hmmm..I'll try my best) The Meta Program is 90 days with options to buy Continuity. She switches up the workout every 10 days, so as not to get bored and to "confuse" muscles. I like that idea. I'm currently on Day 5. The first two days were ROUGH!!! Can we say sore? But I love it. That just means whatever I'm doing is working. This is where I'll need your help. Follow me on this journey, you are going to hold me accountable. Try her workouts with me! Don't forget to leave encouraging comments...because I (and whoever else decides to make this journey with me) will need it!
Go to Tracy's website here.
Here are some samples of workouts. Take a look!! click on the pictures for video.
Mat Work
Dance Cardio
Treadmill Dancing
Rebounder Workout


  1. Good luck on your TAM journey, be consistent and you will see awesome results. I am currently on continuity and I am in the best shape of my life. Happy Taming

  2. Thanks Tracy2011 for following along. I'm trying my best to be consistent. Can't wait to feel awesome again.